What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is an unarmed hand-to-hand combat sport that requires one to use their entire body frame. While the name suggests that only the lower-limbs are used for this particular sport, there are maneuvering techniques that exercise the upper-limbs as well. Some of the most common reasons individuals partake in this particular sport is to train in self-defense for women & competitive sports competitions. Both women and men can and do train competitive sport.

When did Kickboxing become a sport?

Surprising as it may seem, kickboxing can be traced back to ancient times from a variety of regions:

  • In Pankration (sports event), ancient Greece witnessed a game where kickboxing techniques were used
  • A text in the Mahabharata explained a scene where two individuals used kicking & punching as a form of fighting
  • In Japan, the term “kickboxing” was coined during competitions between different forms of martial arts

In recent times, increased awareness has popularized this sport for self-defense purposes or as a fitness workout.

Benefits of Kickboxing

  • Becomes a medium of learning self-defense
  • Fat mass reduction (not focused merely on one area but overall)
  • With the loss of fat mass, there is an increase of muscle mass
  • Can reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases
  • Relieves stress & tension in the muscles

Why should women do this sport?

  • Healthy incentive to achieve a toned body
  • The sport promotes body positivity & a healthy lifestyle
  • Can encourage female empowerment as part of self-defense training

How is it different from other sports?

  • Exercises the entire body frame
  • It is a unique sport that includes a combination of kicks, punches & defensive stances
  • Requires more cognitive evaluation of a situation

What does Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy in Dubai offer?

This particular martial arts gym in Dubai offers a variety of programs. Their “Ladies Kickboxing” program is one of its kind as the professional staff they’ve hired, & the training schedule they curate accordingly allows women to feel comfortable & excel without any fear or apprehension. Which also makes it an ideal environment to train in self-defense for women. This gym is one of the few that offers ladies only jiu-jitsu kickboxing in Dubai. As they steadily achieve their goal of raising the self-esteem of their students & increase their confidence, their dedication to provide even better services increases as well.